One Way Out

Sometimes, the way I approach difficult tasks, especially those which demand a change in my thinking, leaves me in a state of uneasiness.

There has been many challenges in the ways I have been developing. Patience. Kindness. Grace. Love. Gentleness. All of these things, as well as many others, seem to be getting easier as time passes. Although, the challenges have had their share of say within that development. I have always been a pretty stern man, stuck in my ways. Unfortunately, those ways have taken me down some pretty dark paths, leading me to places of little value. The way out of those places is sometimes a lengthy, backtracking trek that is covered with the overgrowth of my choices.

There is something marvelous about the power of Jesus that is beyond compare. It was not until I met Him along the way that I was able to cut away the overgrowth and find my way back out of the depths of those valueless paths of destruction.

It is through Him, that I am able.

The flesh has a tendency to lack patience, kindness, grace, love and gentleness. I can look at the world and see just how selfish and self-centered most are. I observe, daily, just how much worry consumes the people all around us. I can see the anxieties and depression within the eyes of those I encounter. I share those same emotions and realities. The difference between those whom reject Christ and those whom do not, is this: Self is the power, or Christ is the power. 

When we rely solely upon ourselves, without Holy Spirit, we always seek self-reliance alone. It never works. It soon comes to an end. It may work for a season, but that season soon ends. One day, we look up from our place that we created for ourselves (apart from Him) and see just how covered we are by the overgrowth of our pride.

Give it time, apart from Him. Life will show you just how hard it is without Him.

I encourage each reader to take a hard look at your own life. How is it working for you? Is the life one that welcomes Christ, or is it one that rejects His claim? Is the power of Holy Spirit one that is set aside in order for your own power to be glorified?