Willing To Die

The many documentaries on Netflix and Hulu about the Holocaust are what I find myself often watching when I do sit in front of the television. I’ve been on a WWII documentary kick for several years now, and I can honestly say that I’ve always been intrigued by the reality of this particular war, as well as the unbelievable calamity our men, women and children had once endured. To see the real footage of times that shaped our world, hear the words of those who lived it and to witness the wounds those battles have left upon their hearts, leaves me with a sense of awe. To step into the carnage those people had experienced when viewing the recorded footage, while hearing the testimonies and seeing the true emotions within their eyes and faces, truly and deeply humbles me. It is always a reminder of just how grateful I should be.

The Jewish people, God’s chosen people (God bless them) were extinguished during this senseless battle. Millions of Jews were killed, tortured, starved, humiliated, stripped of their humanity and made out to be nothing more than waste. Adolf Hitler desired to rid the world of the Jewish people for many reasons, but the main reason was simply the hate that had taken hold within him. I’m not sure where Hitler now resides eternally, but what I do know is the impact His ego has left upon the world. I understand just how deeply his ideology – both degrading and unorthodox – persuaded so many to share in his views, as I have learned so much about this world war. I cannot, for the life of me, have much sympathy for such a man as he was. The empathy I do find myself having is for those who died, suffered and survived during those crippling years of bloody hell. I desperately try to make myself believe that those German men were only doing their duty as military men, but part of me says they were only cold-blooded killers. Relentless, unforgivable tyrants, with nothing within them but an appetite for eradication.

We will likely never experience the type of personal strain those of the world war had. Hopefully, none of us will ever know those types of nightmarish affairs.

As I sit and listen to the morning birds sing the lovely songs of their tongue, I am extremely thankful. Besides the ability to open my eyes to a new day each morning, the birds are also a friendly reminder of His blessings. Their voices fill my mind with only a snippet of the natural peace that I find within nature. I can’t help but think about how all of those things of one’s personal peace was leaving the mind of the Jewish person as he or she was being stripped of his or her humanity. As they were violated and ridiculed. As they were commanded to leave their belongings behind. As they were packed into train cars, bound for the concentration camps. As they were forced to strip off all of their clothes. As they were gathered into the gas chambers. As they were killed for their beliefs.

As I sit this morning, the song of the bird seems to be a bit more of a blessing. The wind through the trees seems to calm in a more pleasing sense. The light of the rising sun seems to illuminate my soul with a different domination. The humility I feel towards those whom were eliminated by the hand of another, for a senseless purpose, rests upon me. The unjust and beastly works of the enemy are what I must pray about.

It is easy to pray for those who suffer, and it is not so easy to pray for those who destroy. Although, Jesus specifically said to do both. It is a must. As I sit comfortably in my chair, on my peaceful porch, enjoying my coffee and writing on a laptop, I have to remember just how forgiving God is to show me His grace. I have to acknowledge just how blessed I am to have any of this. I must learn to extend that same grace to all people: Enemies, loved ones, those of different religions, black, white, red, German, evil, unlovable and / or compassionate. Everyone. Who am I to play God and say who is worthy? Who am I to play God and not be kind? Who am I to not make a conscious effort to die to self? Why should I not be praying to God to remove the same things that led Hitler to his haughty position, from me? That same pompous position that led Lucifer to his demise?

It is the problem within (all of those sinful facets of human nature) that makes us react or respond in the ungodly ways that we do, and it is truly the godly ways in us that help us to respond in love.

We all make that choice.

To know God is to know love. So, do you know Him? A relationship with our Father, Son and Holy Spirit allows His love to reside. It removes the bondage of greed, and hate, and the things that pollute our hearts and minds with evil. It consecrates and purifies our being. It removes us from the war that rages within us all and raises the white flag of surrender.


5 thoughts on “Willing To Die

  1. Amen. They were referred to as The Greatest Generation. I can only imagine what being in a war is like and will probably never know. I do know what it is like to fight the everyday battle against my flesh and that is a big enough battle for me. Only in Christ do I have any chance of winning that one and I have to rely on Him daily.

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  2. We all fight those battles. I know, I have mine as well, bro. All things through Christ, though! Blessings to you on another day He has blessed us with. I hope you can find some peace within it. Praying now for you.

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