That Particular Sin Is Sending You To Hell!

There is a good reason why I cannot see eye to eye with many Christians that I encounter.

I tend to be very observant when it comes to people. I suppose it is just a part of me, as I have always had that tendency. It is not so much the physical aspects of them, (at a time, it once was and, unfortunately, I would freely critique those flaws) but the true character of a person. It is not something that I enjoy doing, but it is something that happens when the holy man or woman begins throwing their righteousness around. I do my best to tame the tongue, and I can honestly say that it is getting easier. I believe that learning about grace has helped me to be more resilient.

I try to be transparent. I do my best to put into words just how much of a flawed disciple of Christ I truly am. It is the work of God in me that truly has me assessing my life and, hopefully, throwing out the things that are no longer needed or desired. Sadly, this particular sin is one that never seems to completely dissolve. I know that the sin of slander is not something one should do as a child of God. The entire Bible has plenty to say about the wages of this particular transgression. Yet, here I am, writing about this very thing–this particular sin I am clearly guilty of.

I will freely say that I have a problem with those Christians who take their Bible and point out the things to others that they themselves are also guilty of, or that they themselves are not addressing in their own life–the things that we are all guilty of. It truly makes me not want to be around them. I just don’t get why so many religious people are so quick to point out the sin in others before first observing their own sin? Why do I? Is it some part of iniquity–our ungodly nature–pulling us towards observing the flaws of others before first checking our own? I think so. We are self-absorbed, very complex and we tend to think about ourselves before we think about our neighbor. We aren’t usually bearing the kind of fruit Jesus spoke of. Instead, we are usually so full of rot–each one of us, in our own personal ways. It seems as though some Christians are so full of a righteousness that tends to be misused. Since they are “new creations,” they now have a God-given right to talk down to others by using Scripture, making others feel like crap for being the way that they are.

What a great representation of Jesus (sarcasm)!

I write this morning and think about the many sins that I still struggle with. As usual, as I read through the many writings of Christians from all over the world, I see so much slander within the words. There are many that have a religious, fear-driven point of view that makes people like me run in the opposite direction. I can only imagine what the man or woman who is curious to know more about Jesus is seeing when the Bible-thumping righteousness begins to shine through. It often turns people away from the Lord–sometimes, forever.

I pray this morning that we all think about the way we carry ourselves as Christians. I encourage you to think about the way you personally use, or abuse, His grace.

How much do you truly know about the grace of God? How much do you truly know about the blood that washed away the past, present and future sins?

We, as His, are in no position, ever, whether one has an earthly title of Pastor, Brother or Sister in Christ, Deacon or whatever title one gives themselves, to look down upon anyone for the sins that they commit. Last time I checked, only One was / is without sin. We have to extend grace as He extends grace to us. As you go about your days, learn to see the sin that you are in need of forgiveness for, instead of only pointing out the sin that you find within others–it is a sure way to become more Christlike.

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