Ashes To Ashes

Saturday night alone
Just me and the thoughts at hand
Reading the writings of my father
His pen, his marks,
scribbled firmly onto his yellow sheet

I sit and stare into the fire
The mysteries pass before its light
My dad: no longer
like the wood that fuels the flame
like the thoughts that passed away with him
like the pen that scribbled his voice

‘What demons did he fight,’ I wonder
‘Who was the fox in his writing,’ I ask
But the answer lies in ash
The mouth no longer answers
The fuel has burned away
The fox had somewhere to be
but the path has been abandoned
Now, the fox lies in darkness

A short scribble about my mom
Too much in so few words
A truth and a lie
all at one time
Another past mistake to resonate
Thrown in with the coals

A time alone is worthy
as it burns away the old
The wood that burns
the man who grows old –
both lose their substance
both burn out
both soon have nothing left to tell

I knew the source of the wood, dad
I knew yours
but I didn’t know your fuel
Only left with incomplete pieces of paper
Scribbled words and embers
little reminders of what once burned with desire

Someday when I too burn away
I hope to know the unspoken
I hope to know which path the fox had taken
When my fuel is gone
when my scribbled lines are no longer
I hope to be in the paradise of your view

3 thoughts on “Ashes To Ashes

  1. Wow, man! This is really good. I always appreciate your writing but I liked this a little more than usual. You have a gift for relating your feelings and experiences and I thank God for that. Keep on writing, my friend, and have a blessed day!

    Liked by 1 person

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