Writers Cramp

No words to express the feeling
No wisdom to share
No junk cluttering the mind
waiting to escape
waiting to be typed out
Nothing to bring others the encouragement
the entertainment
the inspiration
A break from the normal is welcomed
The roadblock is embraced

Lifted fingers
blank glowing page
No glory in this collection of thoughts
No desire to speak
No battles within to project onto my screen
No feels
Nothing telling me I must write
just the free-flowing acceptance of my changing self
just the poetry of my mind
not too deep
written on the fly

I’m taking a break
I’m studying His grace
It’s a time of restoration
a place of ‘just being’ –
No musts outside of the rat race
No have to inside the headspace
A look into the view of my relative place

I think the to do’s are sometimes the things we shouldn’t do
I’m taking the time not to

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