What kind of love is defined

as you go about your days?

Do you view love as an emotion

that slowly fades away?


Do you find love in your nights

as you hit the bar in town

searching for perfect face and body–

one night–to comfort the daily frown?


Is love found in the food:

pizza, burgers and fries?

Do you like what you see

when you look down

as tears stream from your eyes?


Is love found in the picture

of the one who passed away?

Is that photo more than just an image?

Are you reliving yesterday, today?


Is love found in your pocket–

the powder and the spoon?

Will that love return to you?

Will the dealer be there at noon?


Is love the anchor of hope

held lightly on loose ground

at the bottom of your ocean

where love was never found?


Is love found in your heart?

Was it placed there by our Lord?

Or, is the love that you experience

found in things that you can hoard?


I pray you have true love, my friend

I hope you see His truths as such.

The purest love that one can find

is found in the One who loves you much.















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