Progress In Motion

Sitting silent in the shadow

comfortable in the disease

Panicked in the peacefulness

no real reason for unease

Pass a day within a confine

‘better off’ you calmly say

No real reason to have faith in you

after failing in your way

If change means looking further

from the complacent view you hold

then taking small steps forward

may only limit what could unfold

Your confidence is the old friend

that you’ve sent into the fire

He cried out for you to stay and fight

but you chose your own desire

It easier to stay within the grip

of the things that you believe

A view unlike your own

may only blind the way you see

That goal may be a blessing

but all is trouble where you dwell

You’ve missed out on fruitful pleasure

you like your private hell

Another day of regret and loathing

hindsight failings haunt the mind

Over and over you return again

to those places far behind

You wait another moment

the time is never right

You find reasons to remain unchanged

You ignore the guiding light

All is well within your motion

Progressive woes are what you choose

You are caught up in the madness

of the labels others use

Step outside and look within you

Find that underlying cause

The symptoms of the pain inside

only illuminate the flaws

Take the path not taken

moving forward in new ways

Don’t spend the time here wasted

don’t you wait another day

You can move an entire molehill

the mountains you create

The Lord will not forsake you

within the motion that awaits

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