If I May?

May I interrupt your constant need

to dwell upon the pain

Yes, your misery loves the company

please don’t tell me again


You enjoy the things of sorrow

I know… you’ve said it loud and clear

Tell me something else today

something you don’t want to hear


I’ll open the door of the prison

that is nothing but a space

a place inside your mind

where you have habits to embrace


Come outside–I’ll hold your hand

It’s a beautiful day out here

Leave that space for a moment

walk through that threshold of your fear


When you step into the newness

you may feel a bit of stress

But take heed, my dear friend

God is always at His best


He will step outside with you

then walk you back inside

He’ll leave the door unlocked

he’ll stay with you when you hide


When I come back to your shelter

and invite you out to roam

will you step outside to wander

down that street not far from home


Or will the invisible shackle bind you

to the floor of your abode

You are stronger than that veil of fear

you can remove that thin blindfold


Your door is now wide open

leave fear there at home

just for a little while

while we walk through the unknown


I’ll be there to walk with you

and when I leave your side

embrace the One who’s all-knowing

and the peace that He provides










8 thoughts on “If I May?

  1. We all need to recognize
    the beauty in its essence
    what you’ve right here
    it’s beautiful with a sense.

    You have shown now
    today in this piece of art
    how wonderful is poetry
    how it can touch a heart.

    We feel lonely fighting
    depression’s mess and fuss
    here is a good way to say
    God is always with us.

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