When Will You Manage?

Management is a great and necessary thing.

I work for a fairly small company, and within that company, there are individuals who hold managerial positions. They have certain tasks to perform, people to supervise and decisions to make. They are the overseers of the people that hold positions in certain departments. These individuals have been appointed because they have been considered as qualified for the position–they know how to manage.

I have been thinking deeply about something lately, and I am constantly scratching my head in wonder. I have been asking myself, ‘Why are some people so bad at managing themselves?’ Specifically, why are so many individuals comfortable within what they know is harmful, but could be changed? Even more specific, why do people refuse to change, even when they know they need to, and even when they know how to?

I ask the same questions about individuals: Why, after realizing that life–like a business– is full of tasks to perform, and seeing that supervision of self is inevitable, and knowing that we all have many important decisions to make in order for our individual and collective world to be successful, do certain individuals refuse to manage themselves? Why do some absolutely refuse to manage their own business?

Well, I know why I had refused to manage, and it’s because I didn’t think I really needed any other way. 

In fact, you couldn’t convince me of being something that I wasn’t, and for anyone to tell me about or even suggest a change, would usually result in me waving a middle finger–in thought–as I walked away.

I mean, really, who wants to be told what to do, especially when it comes to individuality?

I suppose the view that I once had changed drastically as the people who meant the most to me gave me a serious ultimatum: “Change your ways, or lose us.”

That hurt, a lot… at first.

I can calmly and confidently tell you now that it is EXACTLY what I needed to hear in order for my self-destructive ways to really sink in and get me to see what the consequences were bringing to the table.

My motivation came from a single, key point: It is not just about me.

I know enough about people to see that the majority of individual malady stems from lack of self-confidence and / or self-love. I asked a man in a N.A. meeting once if he loved himself, and it took him less than a second to tell me no. The constant merry-go-round of drowning sorrows with booze and the short dry spells while relying on a sponsor or meeting–all because he lacked faith in himself, for whatever reason. The underlying problems were never properly dealt with, the possibility of eventually acknowledging that he was doing much of the damage to himself and the great distance he could have gone–all buried deeply beneath the lack of love within.

I sit and think about what Paul had said to the Philippians: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” All things, through Christ, who is our only source of strength and wisdom. Period.

Not much more to say!

The first and foremost realization and focus one can possibly possess is the love that God had for his children by sending His only begotten Son to die for the sins of the world–that love that surpasses all understanding. As we begin to understand how much of a loving sacrifice He had made for each one of us, His true nature in us (Holy Spirit) begins to shake off the binding chains of selfishness, doubt, stress, question, and whatever other weight we carry that hinders growth in a fruitful direction towards loving ourselves in the proper ways. That direction which leads us into fellowship with others. That direction which allows us to have faith in growing out of our headspace and seeing that He will hold us up as we come out of what hinders fruitful growth, not only for ourselves, but for all life. He is the sustainer of success!

He is the management we all need!

I can tell you that you can step out in faith and change yourself, and the world, when you have the only personal manager you need. Under His direction, He will lead you to many of the people who were appointed by him to help you get out of that hole you’ve grown to love.







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