A World Of Offerings

How will you change the world today

in a subtle, yet drastic way?

Will you offer a smile to the downer

or selfishly look away?

Will the tongue be held with self-control

or used to voice contempt?

Will the anger emotion fill your space

to a prideful, contagious extent?

Will you offer a piece of your pie

to the man who lies in filth?

Do you hesitate as you give a slice

to the beggar without guilt?

Is it clearly too much trouble;

is it all too much to ask

when a second is spent on just listening

to the one who finished last?

Is your heart in constant motion

tossing, to and fro?

Do you wonder why the sadness wins

no matter where you go?

Have you given part of yourself away

to someone who needs it more?

Is compassion just a word you say

when viewing what others had done before?

How can you change a world today

outside of the one you own?

Self-centering can be put aside;

the pompous self can be overthrown.

Look inside your heart today–

view the things in keeps inside.

Is there something in there that can change the world

before it and the world dies?














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