Peering into the man

who sits in the waking hour

I share the thoughts he has

and the things that he desires

Observing his every motion

feeling those aches and pains

Looking at the day ahead

wondering how we will maintain

I tell him, ‘we are only in the now’

but he lives in another time

He searches for good reason

to dwell on what was left behind

I place my hand on his shoulder

‘We must be still,’ I say

‘Remember the plans He has for you…’

Let’s remember His grace of today

The mind of the silent observer

one that he and I share

We walk this life together

I’m here, and He’s over there

We go about our day

discussing what is best

We focus on the problems

the blessings and the tests

We now break them down and simplify

while remembering days of old

when we didn’t listen to the Lord

and do as we were told

Simple faith is now the reasoning;

free will is filtered through

the mind of a different kind

not like the one in me or you

His presence is now the counselor

in the midst of space possessed

I sit between the two of them

discussing what is best

When a decision is made, I move forward

trusting fully in what they’d said

The lesson will define the action

that was thought out in my head

Each moment is a lesson

taken one day at a time

fully given to the Sustainer

of this battered and doddering mind

The Lord is with the man

who observes the physical place

We walk the road together

making decisions within our space

We know we are of spirit–

the flesh will fall away

Soon, we will all come together

and know His eternal way

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