Minimum Wage

How dirty we are

in this world of sin

The inevitable blasphemy

before we begin

We give it our all

and think we are clean

bringing our good deeds to the forefront

making sure they are seen

We paint a picture for the rest

a Picasso of intrigue

Showing others the wonder

of our own little league

A perfect and holy people

so we believe

Being good boys and girls

for the eye to perceive

But in His eye we’ve missed the mark

no one is good

The works are like filthy rags

we’ve misunderstood

Only the Christ who came

The Lamb whom was slain

was without a single blemish–

worthy is His name

It took His perfection

and His alone

to make us worthy of approaching

our Creator’s Holy throne

Try as you may

to be more than He

doing enough to pass His test

showing how good you can be

Well done you may hear

on that coming day…

but you had less than He asked for

as you worked for your pay

You laid tithes at the buildings

You gave more than received

You built kingdoms in His name

for those eyes to perceive…

“Well done” is a question

that is based on the choice

of what you did for Him in love

and how you responded to His voice

The fruit that we bear

as we go through this life

flows from the innermost being

the truth and the light

He comforts us in the moments

when we are covered in sin

Our constant fallen nature

sometimes won’t let Him in

but he never forsakes us

even when we do Him

He knew from the beginning

where our hearts would soon end

“Stop trying and start doing”

I heard a man say

Let the Lord of the heart

reign over your prideful way

The One who is calling

from deep down inside

should be recognized over ourselves

HE should be glorified

When we see all that He is

and recognize all that we lack

we place Him on high

and when He comes back

we will rejoice in His magnificence

bowing on bended knee

before the Lamb without blemish

and all will then see

the truth of the matter–

He is the great “I AM”

the only way to eternal life;

true ruler of all man

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