In The Face Of Fear

Why do some heal

while others never learn?

Why do some desire change

while others ignore concern?

Is it a lack of confidence

or a comfort they enjoy?

Do they happily welcome the sadness

that will ultimately destroy?

How long must one go on

before change becomes a need?

Is fear the underlying issue

that takes a willing lead?

Do they say, “Go ahead…

I’m okay here in this place”

as the presence of emotional turmoil

stares them coldly in the face?

Another win for the hurt–

another loss for the weak

It was an opportune time to take action

but good ol’ fear wouldn’t let you speak

How much longer, my friend

’till you step up to the plate

and play the game a bit differently

than the way that kept you safe?

Something put you there

in that hole you’ve dug inside

There are tools out in the world

and the strength God will provide

Have you given up on Him?

Did He seem to let you down?

Did He let you hollow out that hole you’ve dug

in your fleshy, unstable ground?

“All things through Christ…”

you confidently used to say

but that was in a time

when everything had gone your way

Back into your hole

where you and fear reside

A place to call your home

and the shelter it provides

Tomorrow will be another day

and opportunity will return

You’ll have that choice to make:

new skills that you could learn

You’ll see signs pointing in a new direction

away from the comfort of home

where you and fear reside

and gladly sleep alone

Will you pack up and move away

from the hole where fear awaits?

Will you choose a different path

and the change that it creates?

The only thing holding you back

is you, and nothing more

The way you think about this life

and those habits you adore

Change is just a step away, my friend

be confident in the progressive process

There will be wins, streaks of question

and many, many losses

Hold tightly to the One who created you

Let go of the damning pain

Find ways to silence the fear

when it whispers your familiar name

Call out to Jesus

and be confident in what He provides

His love and provision is immensely stronger

than the pain we keep inside























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