Living Waters

I woke this morning and was quickly reminded of how blessed I truly am. The blessing was the gift I had received as my feet hit the floor: I woke to see another day.

Perhaps I have written about this before, and it is likely, but I have been thinking so much about how precious life truly is in the recent weeks. I am incredibly thankful for another day of being part of a greater plan than my own, and I am truly blessed to be able to contribute to the many things that I value in this life.

This blog: my ongoing reflections of the past, the present thoughts I have and strengths that I find through the relationship I have with the Lord, is a thing that I value. Through it, I am able to (hopefully) bring someone, somewhere, something to consider. Perpetuating a positive outlook on a situation I have experienced, sharing personal struggles, the victories I have been blessed with, and the real talk that I am not afraid to voice, are all things that I am truly blessed with.

Another thing I am incredibly thankful for is the people in my life–from the blogging community, all the way down to my immediate family. Each day, I get to experience so much love within the life I have been given.

I’d like to take a minute to express how this has drastically changed for me over the past few months.

It really hit home for me as I was somewhere within the combination of prayer, reading Scripture, experiencing, and really observing the actions of others, attending very therapeutic counseling with my mother, resulting in us both completely letting down our securely-built walls in order to get back to being family, and, most importantly, the view of love our Lord had for His children that was so strong, that He died for them. All of these things made a huge impact on me, and it was only within the last few weeks that I have been able to let go and really start seeing just how much love I have to offer, and just how far that love can reach.

When a heart is filled with love, and I’m not talking about love in a sexual or superficial sense, but with the love that God provides through Jesus Christ, it emanates. Call me crazy, but I have even noticed how this inner-peace I have been experiencing even has an effect on nature. It seems as though the furry creatures and beautiful insects are much more comfortable being around me, and the natural landscapes have a different feel to them. It’s probably just the peace I have been experiencing, but it has been evident through the languages of the people that are closest to me that a change has recently taken place within me. The peace (I know) came directly from listening to His voice, and embracing exactly what and who He is: LOVE.





I’m thankful, incredibly thankful!

I’m thankful for many things: the material world and the things in it, my job, my family, my (pretty good) health, the air I breathe–many, many things. This morning, I am just thankful for the waking moment and the time it took for my feet to hit the ground. It is another opportunity to go out into the world and experience the love of God, and all of the things that it produces.

I sincerely pray this morning that you are filled with the love of God, and that you seek it in all that you do, and that you do your best to allow that love to fill your world.

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