A Good Friend

A friend I used to hang with

had a beautiful way about him

He was the best a person could ask for

He went by the name of Sin

He and I used to laugh together

all hours of the day

He’d bring me gifts of pleasure

and show me splendid ways

When night came, we’d celebrate

under cover of darkened skies

He was the light that filled the places

observed through sedated eyes

He showed me pleasures I loved to bask in

so many, I recall…

Good drugs, illegal ways and women

and I gladly broke the law

I’d find more of his amusements

as time with him ticked on

Deeper into his provision…

he and I were going strong

As most friends do, he left me

with a mess I could not bear

He walked out, and I was left gasping

for a breath of his fresh air

He laughed as he looked back

shaking his head–and with a grin

he said, “Didn’t you know me from the beginning?

Did you not understand why I’m named Sin?”

Sin had the last laugh

as I fell into the fire

He destroyed everything I had become

every emotion

every desire

I ran into the waters

to soothe my aching flesh

but its comfort wasn’t enough

to fix what had progressed

No remedy for the destruction

that Sin left there for me

No rest for the broken soul

no peace

no remedy

I called out to the heavens

the only place I had not tried

I didn’t see the point in trusting

what was not before my eye

I didn’t believe that something I could not see

could fill a void that was so vast

but anything was better than chasing

those things that did not last

Anything was better than trusting

a devil in disguise

The one who laughed behind me

as I fell for all his lies

I feared the God of the Bible

He was such an evil being

Telling people to throw their children against the rocks

and destroying everything?!

But the story had me interested

in knowing why it had been

It didn’t take me long

to know that it was because of Sin

The Lord had a plan from the beginning

to usher in His Son

He knew where the world was heading

before it had begun

People would need a Savior

from the destructive ways of sin

He knew the only way to do so

is found in us trusting Him

When the Christ came

He spoke truth

the kind no one had heard

the religious called Him crazy

rebellious and absurd

But He was the One who knew

why He would die alone

for the sin that was inside them

the same sin that I have known

Sin is an old friend of mine

we had good times, it’s true

but he always left me empty

Fleeting pleasure was all I knew

I now hang with the Lord

allowing Him to speak

His Holy Spirit now comforts me

every time I’m weak

That old friend sometimes knocks on my door

and I sometimes let him in

He has a way of enticing


I sometimes chat with him

The Lord then shows without warning

and shows old Sin the door

He then whispers those consequences

of sin in times before

He gives me the choice each day

as I go about this life:

Remain in me and who I am (TRUTH)

or embrace sin’s world of strife

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