Our Resistance

My mother and I have been through our share of ups and downs. Anyone who follows this blog of mine can gather how rocky our relationship has been, and just how difficult we both have found each other to be. Our headstrong ways, hurtful words and reasons–most of which I have no excuse for–have caused us both to carry things along with us, resulting in more trouble than we already had. We were always holding onto the little details of how the other one had failed in ways that were not acceptable.

As I’ve reflected on the old posts and the memories, I recall just how painful it had been to live within those times. Being a writer, it was within those moments that I was able to express myself through words. I have always posted these words with the intention of showing others that I am just as human as the next, and I struggle. I would write about personal boundaries, the hurt directed towards others while one is going through their own personal hurt, and all of the numerous emotions that go along with the, sometimes, devastating conditions within our human experience.

Our human experience: The ups and downs, all of the ways that we deal with everything that we find ourselves in the middle of, and just how much we allow God into the works.

Yes, ‘just how much we allow God into the works.’

I’ve learned a lot within the past several months about forgiveness, love (that of God), and how much both allow His ways to flow within the human experience. For the next several weeks, I will be focusing on these things as I write about my personal experience. I hope to bring someone who reads the words that I will write, encouragement to not only forgive, but to seek the love that God has for us. Intertwined with the human experience (mine, personally), I am looking forward to sharing what unfolds. True forgiveness and His true love is all fairly new to me, but by His grace, I know that I will grow in the right direction.

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