Hold onto that thing

that you think that you must have

Be passionate about the grip

on the things that you will grab

Hold tightly to the wreckage

and the tricks of the mind

Don’t look for the ways out

or solutions you may find

Get comfortable in your madness

Stay there in your excuse

Be the one in the shelter

of self-pity and abuse


It’s okay

don’t go out of your way to change

That involves a different mindset

and patterns to rearrange

Comfort is found in the same old stuff

while holding your breath

It’s found in the mind that you coddle

while dreaming of death

So go ahead and follow

the worries of the day

forget about Jesus

and what He had to say


Don’t take my words seriously

I’m trying to get you to see

that most of what you believe

also goes on within me

It was up to me to choose

to take a different road

To go beyond the belief

of what my mind had told

I had to stop listening

and go another way

I had to find direction

and listen to what God would say

I had face my fears

and rely on faith alone

in the One who came before me

and knew this flesh and bone

He knew how it would suffer

as it walked through this fallen place

He knew how sin would torment

as I limited my space

He said, “GO

Get out and find a way

I’ll send others to help you”

and He sends them everyday


My mind is now healing

and He never leaves me there

within the little space where I coddled

the pain my mind and I would share

Each day within His mercy

I am experiencing His true grace

I never have to believe the lies

this mind and I will face






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