Pardon Me?

Have you ever wondered if God has really forgiven you?

I will be focusing on two things in the weeks ahead: the love of God and His forgiveness. The series will be what I have personally gathered from my experience with the Lord, and it is not to be viewed as preachy or self-righteous. I am learning about these two things with a deeper passion than I had desired in all of my years before, so the erroneous measure within these upcoming writings is inevitable.

First and foremost, you’ll have to believe in the need for forgiveness. If you don’t see any point in believing in the sacrifice Jesus had made for mankind, then this series will not matter to you.

I can understandably relate to that.

There was a time when I was not really into what I labeled as “religion”, and I didn’t entertain the thoughts of needing to be saved from the eternal punishments of some wrathful god–it all sounded like what delusions are made of. I suppose that type of view was the very thing that led me to seek the answer to what had been causing me to come up with reasons to doubt the notion, and just why I was so adamant in my belief of not needing to be saved. I had to find out why (unlike the staunch atheist) I was so doubtful. I went through many different personal experiences that pointed me to the truth of Christ, and here I am. If you want to know more about these experiences, just read the blog.

With all of that being said, I will return to the first question in my series:

Have you ever wondered if God has really forgiven you?

Sure, we rely on the sacrifice Jesus had made for us. We know that He “FINISHED” the work that we could never, ever do. His perfection was the only way to seal and restore us back to right standing with the Lord. We know that it by grace, or the unmerited favor of the Lord, that we are saved.

Although, I’d just bet that you sometimes doubt that it is true. I bet that you sometimes doubt that your sins (past, present and future) are truly forgiven.

I have bouts of disbelief all of the time. It is too much to think that all of those sinful ways I have repented of, all of those sins that I don’t always catch, and those sinful things that I find myself doing that are not really severe enough (in my own eyes) to worry about, are really forgiven. Don’t fool yourself–you also have the things that are totally against the ways of God that you passively overlook. Since we all do, do you ever wonder if those things are going to make or break you chance of inheriting eternal life in the presence of God??

I know I do.

My wife and I have three children. We have set rules within our home that the kids are to abide by. I will tell you with a humbling smile upon my face that they do not always follow the rules! They are kids. They don’t really think to follow the rules at times, and sometimes, they break them. They know that they can sometimes get away with little things because, ultimately, their mother and I will never stop loving them. They will take their consequence, and know that they will still have a roof over their head.

Isn’t it kind of the same way with God? Don’t we, at times, take God for granted?

In my personal view, God knew that we would act as children do. He knew that we would also break the rules, face our consequences, and know that no matter how badly we treated Him, He would forgive us.

My children are the perfect example of just how deep love can be. Sometimes, our kids walk all over us; they scream at us, fail to do what they said they would do, and a million other little things that go against the rules we have in place. I promise you, not one of those things can take away the love that we have for them. If they become drug addicts later in life, we will love them. If they end up being crooked politicians, we will love them. If they murder someone, we will love them. Although I feel strongly that none of my kids will ever do such things, inevidably, they will do stupid things. They will break the rules, and they will break my heart at times.

I sit and think about the love of God at times, and I ponder how much more magnified and magnificent His love must be in comparison to that of which I have experienced, or will ever. I see it in the gift of my children, in the light of the day and in the beauty of His craftmanship in all of nature. I see it in the eyes of my wife and in the smiles of the friends. I see it in my heart. I get to experience a little fragment of His love in the personal life I have been given. A life He gave me, because He loved / loves me. A life He sacrificed, so I could someday be in His presence of pure love.

So yes, I do try to read this book of contradictions and unanswered questions with an open heart, and I feel in my heart that God is always looking out for me. I feel that He guides me into His truth as I experience His Word, His character and this life. I certainly see Him everyday. I certainly know that His voice is always interacting with me. I know that He provides, even in the times when I’m a little twerp of a kid.

Every now and then, Satan speaks the lies to me, and I sometimes tend to believe them. He tries to strip me of the confidence I have in Christ and the finished work that He provided. I guess that’s what enemies do: try to strip you of the love that they do not receive. I will do my best to stand firmly on the love that God gives, and I’ll do my best to follow His perfect example of love.

8 thoughts on “Pardon Me?

  1. Excellent post Damon, we had five children so I had no problem identifying with what you said. Forgiveness is what God is all about, if we will but truly seek Him. His forgiveness is hard to accept sometimes but as you have so correctly stated, it is exactly what loving parents do and God is the source of that forgiveness that we instinctively give to the children that we love. And we are His children through faith and trust in Jesus. Thank you! Grace and blessings!

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  2. I never really look at it like this. We all need forgiveness, no doubt. But forgiveness is conditional, one must forgive to be forgiven.
    I get so sick and tired of hearing religious people talking about getting saved, I don’t love Jesus because because I want salvation, I love Jesus because long before I knew who He Is, I would go to God when i was mad, or sad, confused or scared. He has and is always there for-me. But not just for me, for all who call upon Him.
    People want salvation but they don’t want Jesus Christ. To most, Jesus is simply a means to an end. It’s pretty messed up.

    I am not afraid of not being forgiven, truth is, if Jesus tells me to step away from, His judgement is just.
    As far as I’m concerned, salvation is a rather sweet by product of Truly loving and trusting in God.
    God is sovereign, it’s hard for most religious people to grasp this Truth. God is all powerful, able to download Truth straight into your very spirit, His spirit into you, Christ IN you, the hope of glory.
    There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus brother. This is a profound Truth you need to accept.
    When the devil tells you you’re not good enough, you can laugh and tell him he’s right, but Jesus is and love keeps no record of wrongdoing.
    No one but Jesus Christ is good enough, and Jesus came not to condemn the world but save it.
    We strive for holiness and righteousness and use not our liberty as a licence to sin, as we have been set free. But when we stumble, Jesus does understand as He Himself came down from on high, and lived as a man.
    Jesus understands us far more than most will ever realize.
    Hold on tight to Jesus, He will get you where you need to be.
    Much Peace and Love to you and yours.

    BTW, you’re a really good writer/story teller

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