In Ruin

At war with myself again

The win before the fall

Another time I had gained

before I lost it all


The battle had just begun

when I received the first blow

While fighting for my life

and feeling incredibly low

the enemy was defeated

and I rejoiced within the win

but the snake soon returned

and the battle began again


It never seems to fail

The light and dark collide

The illuminating effect of both

no matter where I hide

I get very tired of running

from one place to the next

only to feel as though I’m failing

at a battle so complex

Men try to tear me down

with theology and their pride

Leaving me in the same place

where I once had tried to hide

Listen to me, those men say

Pay me to teach you now

But most men only build altars for themselves

for followers to dance around


Sir, I know we are the temple

and the shelter is in He

We do not need a refuge

that charges us a fee

I’d like to see real people

who never try to hide

the feeling of failure

where light and dark collide


The complexity of this battle

is always in our way

Its illuminating glare

blinds the eyes throughout the day

I don’t need the added torture

of the lies that men will teach

or the righteousness they enjoy

while they pompously will preach

I need to see the real battle within them

The same one I have fought

I need to hear the real truth

The same one Jesus had taught


Men are not our answer

to the battles we fight within

God made Himself the answer

to the malady of our sin

We exalt the broken men

who fight the enemy

The same one inside of you

The same one inside of me


Do not be deceived by the powerful man

who claims that he is great

Be humbled by the Christ

and patiently await

the coming King of all

that will destroy the kingdoms built

in His name by selfish men

who carried with them no guilt


I’ll fight the good fight with an army

that has no shame in defeat

I’ll turn away form those who build kingdoms for themselves

who desire the highest seat



















2 thoughts on “In Ruin

  1. Wow, I’m not much for poetry but that one got me. You can’t write about something that you have not seen, been or are. I hear you and thank you for sharing. Grace and blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

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