Some people remain bitter

They cannot move past the pains

The wounds drag the person down each day

as the suffering remains

Something to numb that discomfort

Each day they find a way

Maybe a needle full of poison

Or a hateful word to say

Perhaps a shaking fist at God

for allowing such things to exist

Such a powerful God should be able to end

the struggles as they persist

A new day brings a new chapter

of bitter contempt and stress

No chance of a permanent peace

Just another burdening test

One that wears them out quickly

One that makes them burn with rage

Another horror story in their chapter of life

Another torn out page

Go to church they hear one day

where perfection is perceived

by the broken one who sees no hope

in themselves or such deed

No one there to understand why

the hope is now long gone

They have no reason to worship an invisible god

or sing a boring song

They long for a permanent fix

unlike the poisoned vice

They long for an answer to their questions

not the long-winded advice

They seek a love that was lost

somewhere along the way

A peace that was felt when they were happy

in the arms of yesterday

You cannot explain to the broken

just how much the Lord loves the lost

when all you do is condemn them

and tell them how high the cost

All we can do is love them

and pray that they may see

the faith that has grown inside of us

from the size of a mustard seed

We were once where the broken one now is

They are the ground where we should sow

the seeds of love and gentleness

with hope that they may grow

Looking down from a righteous platform

is not what the sinner needs

They need the hope of God within

the only One who supersedes

that brokenness inside of them

so deeply and firmly ingrained

So be kind and gentle to the defeated one

They already feel restrained

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