Rooted In Decay

What caused you to feel that way?

So often, you speak of the misery.

Is it worth the limited time you have here

to dwell on your ancient history?

Right now, the time is right

to reflect, but not live

in a place that your mind wanders to all too often;

the place where you refuse to forgive.

The wound upon your heart is bleeding

and the past is the one to blame.

You run to your bottle of happiness

and it helps you to maintain.

What caused you to feel that way?

I ask the question again.

You don’t understand the question

so you just offer up that grin.

Or, do you understand that question

and just refuse to dive head first

into the root of your destruction

with the fear of the worst?

I don’t know about you, but I do know this:

I was once where you now are.

I do know how to stop that bleeding

and love the permanent scar.

You have to get to the root of your pain

no matter how painful it is

and place it in the hands of God

and always remember you’re His.

He knows how the bleeding makes you miserable

and why you reflect on days of old.

He knows how hard it is to forgive yourself

or the other who was so cold.

But you, my friend, must make a choice

and step out in faith one day.

The world will have a different meaning and light

when you choose to live in today.

Right now is all we have

to let go of the hurts inside.

You can find a Christian therapist

and they can help you find

a way to understand yourself–

the mind and how it works.

They can help you understand the Bible

and show you how Jesus had also hurt.

You can form a relationship with the Lord

through prayer and fellowship.

You can hear His voice above your own

and escape that restraining grip.

You can live in His grace and mercy

as you learn about His ways.

You can understand yourself and who you are in Him

and not live in yesterdays.

What caused you to feel that way?

What if I told you it was you?

It was the emotion that had manifested

when devastation ruined you.

It is you that must overcome

and there is only one real way.

The Lord through Jesus Christ is the answer

to the pains of yesterday.

If you want to live in the now, my friend,

you must step up to the plate alone.

No one will hold your hand

and you may shake, grumble and moan.

You may hurt for a little while,

but as you grow in time,

you will love the places that you reach

and embrace what you will find.

Looking in the mirror is tough–

the reflection is sometimes a shame.

Looking into ourselves is necessary

to find the courage to sustain.

You’re going to need some help, my friend,

so just remember the ONE WAY.

His name is Jesus and He waits

for you to allow Him in today.

The Lord can hold the universe together

and we can’t hold ourselves for long.

We can’t go back to yesterday

and change up all that’s wrong.

We CAN choose His love and rest assured,

and dwell within His grace.

We can live in the present moment

and joy can fill our place.

We can look inside the mirror

and see our Lord within.

It has to start with your choice

to admit that you have sin.

It was sin that made you miserable.

It’s hard to swallow, but true.

It was evil inside of each one of us;

the fallen flesh that ruins you.

It ruined the one who hurt you;

the one who planted the seed.

It was sin that caused us all

to play out the destructive deed.

What caused you to feel that way?

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