All That Is

What are we to be, as we float around in the vastness–held down to this ground that we have learned to walk upon?

Who am I in God’s plan?

Why do humans have such an unstable balance?

Why do so many love themselves before they love the desires of God?

Why, in the unfathomably little amount of space that we truly take up within this black void, do our egos tell us that we are correct?

Where is the edge of space? Is this where our Creator lies?

Why are visible and audible stimulations so tantalizing?

Why do I ask?

Is my very human curiosity a pathway to the true essence of God’s reasoning?

Why do we do as we do?

I sit this morning–listening and looking. It’s still dark. My seat within the perfect morning atmosphere of the open porch serves as a place for my waking mind to wander, and wonder. I ask these questions and seek the answers that my instability will concoct.

Is life simply a question?

I have my beliefs. I adhere to them. I have the simple faith in my Creator through Jesus Christ.

I await…

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