Love Me

She couldn’t love anymore–

nothing would ever be the same.

She died on that October morning–

all of life consumed by shame.

The man she called her hero

had robbed her of her zeal.

He closed the door behind them,

and the villain was revealed.

Time and time again,

his hand would take a little more

of the light that once shined brightly

in those few years of before.

“Daddy loves you”, he would say,

and she believed that it was true.

He’d close the door behind them

as silence filled the room.

She hung out on the corner,

waiting for love to pass her by.

When love would stop, she’d name her price

for the few minutes of her time.

She’d buy up all the numbing power

and shoot it in her vein.

The life was rather painful,

but that fix removed her pain.

Daddy waited for her at home

and praised her when she arrived.

He’d count the money she had earned

while loving random guys.

Daddy taught the girl to love,

but love was not the same

as the love that was defined

within the book she found one day.

She was told to love her neighbor,

and give up her sinful life.

But love was only found on the corners,

and behind daddy’s door at night.

Sin was never recognized,

as she went about her life.

But the seed of God was planted,

for she read that book at night.

She didn’t understand the love

that was mentioned on the page.

She thought love was found on the corner

and the acts in which she’d engage.

She overdosed on the poison

that she needed to maintain

a sense of feeling good enough

for the life consumed by shame.

She awoke to a place of beauty,

and Jesus took her hand.

I love you my child“, He said…

she didn’t have to understand.

She was in a place of perfection,

and all pain had gone away.

No more questioning, no more reasoning,

no more of the life of yesterday.

She had faith that was of the slightest,

and God knew where she had been.

She couldn’t see past what daddy had started,

and see that it was sin.

She will always know true love–

nothing will be the same.

She will live in His flawless world

where eternal peace remains.

She’ll never have to die again

as she twice had when she was here.

She’ll never have to experience the shame

that fueled her many fears.

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