The Weight

You fret in your worry

over something you’d done.

The choice you had made

wins the race that you run.

You hate yourself now.

“I’m no longer worthy”, you claim.

“Look at what I’ve caused…”

Each day is the same.

Time for the tasks,

but you wallow in despair.

Self-pity is the norm

in the life you prepare.

Children to raise,

shopping to do,

but you are out drinking-

drowning your gloom.

Call up your dealer.

He has what you need.

“A downer or upper?”

Right now, you like speed.

Get it all done:

Kids, shopping and bills.

Life is so easy

since you found those white pills.

Days go by,

and the crash is so near.

Now you are broke

and your dealer’s not here.

Sleep a few days,

and when you arise

the guilt will then greet you

as you tell the same lies.

Forgive yourself, friend”,

you heard a friend say.

But why should you do so?

That involves a new way.

You are so worthy of change,

and if Christ can forgive

then you surely can also.

He provides the right way to live.

Do you believe?

Have you tried to hear Him?

Are you troubled by affliction

and the wages of sin?

He knocks at your door,

and you’ve heard it so clear.

Perhaps it’s time to answer

and stop living in fear.

You are forgiven,

and relationship is key

with the living God through Christ

to see what I see.

So, friend, forgive yourself now.

We all make mistakes.

Tell God you messed up…

that’s all that it takes.

He will grow in you,

and you, in Him.

He will strengthen you in time…

Will you begin?

10 thoughts on “The Weight

  1. There is nothing else better
    than finding forgiveness
    and learning how to forgive
    misericordia and patience
    we should put into practice
    when done, we feel a relieve.
    Thank God he gave his Son
    for us to redeem and be saved
    the most important thing is
    to accept in our heart Christ.

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