Alone with Him

You see my Spirit, my Lord.

You see what you have placed within me the moment I opened my heart to you. In this imperfect man, your perfection lies.

I tell the world that my faith in you sometimes wavers, and yet, your mercy remains…

and the mercy of others doesn’t…

and I’m frowned upon by these, “holy people”. They divide your people. They put their doctrinal spin on their foolish sects, and call them yours.

I have nothing to offer you, my Lord, other than the work you have started in me. I fall prey to the world, but, you said it would happen.

You knew me. You knew the path.

You see my Spirit. I try, desperately, to worship in your truth…and you know. Thank you, my Lord.

Help us all.

Shake this judgment from your church, my Lord. Put to death all of the pride and false teachings within you body. Remove the things that sin has placed within me, and within all people. Heal us, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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