A Wise Man Once Said…

The wisest of men have no time

to look at themselves, to see what they’d find.

They are the best at all that they do.

Much better than the simpletons, like me and you.

Talk over us, they will.

Our words are just noise.

We are not worthy of these great despots of poise.

Lean into their wisdom–

you may miss what they say

as they share all the secrets

of their flawless way.

“Aren’t they the best?!”

“They know everything!”

These words, you now speak

since you’ve crowned them your king.

Have you forgotton

where true wisdom is found?

Did you ever stop to acknowledge

who wears the real crown?

Pride will not let them–and now you–see what’s real.

You’ve relied on the foolishness of the world

and the transience of how you feel.

God made a way to know

more than the wise,

but most turn their backs to Him

and won’t open their eyes.

They look to the universe

and claim that with it, they are one.

“God is not real”, they say…

The argument is won.

One day, the wise is dying,

and they are afraid of the pain.

They cry out to…God…?

Not the universe they’d claimed?

Something was pushing

and pulling, before this.

Now, they lie dying,

shaking their fists.

God was just waiting

for them to see Him,

pushing and pulling,

but they wouldn’t receive Him.

It was not a “wise” choice.

Wouldn’t you say?

Rejecting His truth

may hurt you someday.

“The foolishness of God is wiser than men,

and the weakness of God is stronger.”

Perhaps the ego you carry around

should not remain any longer?

So, wise one, how wise are you?

Do you truly think that you’re esteemed?

Stop and acknowledge the God of all,

and humbly be redeemed.

I pray that you know

the universe will not save.

I pray you know Christ and His Spirit

before you hit that dark grave.

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