The Short Distance

Time is not on our side.

The clock is ticking–counting down.

Life began in a flash, and it ends the same way.

We breathe in life, and exhale our demise.


The heart and brain.

The skeletal structure.

All of the fibers and…

the blood.


The imagery gathered by the eyes that examine.

The mind that translates.

Tasting, touching and feeling;

sensing what our world had created for us.


We fly through the dreams,

and we wonder if they are real.

We bask in the lighted atmosphere,

while we crash in the darkness.


Is it mid-life?

Is the end years away?

As soon as we are born, we are dying.


The body disintegrates.

The mind no longer fires.

The eye, no longer provoked.


If God knows all, then He knows our madness.

He sees what has torn the fragments from the once, pure heart.

He sees through the eyes,

the erratic mind,

and the clock is just a created object that hangs on our wall.


Time is of the essence.


It is coming to a close.

For you. For me. For us.

We have choices to make and life to explore–

not asked for, but given–

and we are here…

for now.


Is the time coming when we will understand His plan for us?

Is that time presently upon you

as you observe?

As you watch the object that counts the moving arrangements

in His mastery?






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