A Name in Vain

All the good children are throwing their stones

as they’re tearing the flesh and breaking the bones

Telling the broken how they are so wrong

and how their faith is not really and truly that strong

Flock in the fancy and glorified temple

no longer of humbleness or love that is simple

Give your whole life to a small circle of cult

Keep out the beggar and madman with fault

Dress up for the club and pity the sinner

follow with gossip and gluttonous dinner

Whisper the hatred to brother and sister

and make reasons to worship your mere man minister

Take your denominations that were created by men

and exalt them above the real truth only found in Him

Mary full of grace, Wesley and Smith

My Bible says Christ is the one to walk with

So why are you making idols and worshipping people

or raise the obelisk and call it a steeple

Do you know the history of these things in which you take pride

within your pagan-rooted system that you not dare chide

We should make all effort to seek out His Word

Seek out His truth and forget what you’ve heard

God will reveal all the lies that are told

in a church that is false where deception is sold

Open your eyes and seek out His truth

Study the history and look at the proof

Don’t stay in your ways and just fine with tradition

for God desires relationship not shallow religion

For we are the temple–no longer of stone

The body of Christ–not sects standing alone

Why are you calling yourselves His good friend

when you won’t let the dirty man in who’s covered in sin

Did Jesus not care for the weak and downtrodden

more than you care for the idols you’ve begotten

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