People search for love

in an attempt to feel completed.

When the thrill of love fades,

they are left alone–defeated.


They give their all to another,

and expect the same from them,

but when they fail to exceed the standard,

they berate, point fingers and condemn.


People want things their way.

No other option will do.

They wonder why they are lonely

as they search for fault in you.


They need a perfect marriage–

one resembling a fairytale.

They look for little negatives,

and the marriage quickly fails.


Compromise is defined

through the filter of one’s scorn.

Considering the condition of the other–

nulled and voided by a heart that’s torn.


They can’t understand just why

the other just can’t understand.

Communication plays no role

in the calamity at hand.


Move on to the next hopeful union.

Leave the one you tried.

Hope for a better bond with another–

the malicious flame has died.


Step with caution, again,

as you find an untrusted soul.

The fling will end in sorrows,

and bitterness will grow.


“Never again”, you say…

and you mean it… I can tell.

I’m sorry it didn’t occur to you

that love is hard as hell.


It takes an understanding

that no two are alike.

It takes way more than your way only,

and for it, you must fight.


It takes God placed at the head of it,

because without Him, it won’t last.

It takes living in the present,

and not dwelling on the past.


It takes empathy and compassion,

and lots of time to talk.

It takes courage in admitting

that we are all at fault.


If love is nowhere near,

and always leaving you ,

take a look inside yourself

and see if love is true.


True love is found in Jesus,

and the work that He provides.

When His presence is embraced,

you’ll find that love resides.


The definition of love is found in God,

and in Him, you will know.

You’ll experience a love–not superficial,

or found in the world you know.


His Spirit provides the answer

to the challenge of compromise.

He gives you the strength and knowledge

to see with loving eyes.


People search for love

in an attempt to feel completed.

When the thrill of love fades,

they are left alone–defeated.









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