A Table For One

Some of God’s children are condemning those who fail–

gloating and showing off, as they boastfully prevail.

“Look at how their faith is of little use,

as they welcome their underlying issues and the mask them with abuse!

They are so dumb–can you believe what they do?

They need to read their Bibles, and be like me and you!

Just look at us; we are going to church all the time.

I had dinner with the Pastor, and it didn’t cost me a dime!

I gave a homeless man a dollar–he needed to take bath!

I told him to buy some soap and change his despicable path!

My God, people are going straight to hell!

Do you see what they are doing?

‘No. I cannot tell.’

I see men and women who are sinking, and dwell upon their pain.

I see the eyes of their despair and the hope that never came.

I see no one who is dumb. Ignorant, perhaps.

Did you enjoy the dinner while the guy outside ate scraps?

Man, I’m not sure? Are you much different from them?

You look down upon a sinner as if you have no sin?

If I told you I don’t go to church because most are filled with lies,

would you close the door in my face, as you judged me with those eyes?

Are you a child of His, or a religious Pharisee?

Is there truly love within your heart? Did Jesus not come here to redeem?

God so loved the world that He died for us, and He wants us to also love.

How can you show the world you’re lowly, when you sit so high above?

Is the Bible of any use when you live within the Law?

God finished the work, remember? Do you not hear His Spirit’s call?

He’s calling you to remember that you are also damaged.

He’s calling you to realize that with Him, you can manage

to end this thing you battle: Your pride, and your need to be something great

in the eye of God our Lord…

Jesus is the only one who’s great.

My friend, you’re not worthy, and neither am I…you know?

Embrace the fact that He’s wanting us to love, love again and grow.

God is love, and we should be. We should strive to overcome

that desire to be righteous because victory is what Jesus won.

Some of God’s children are condemning those who fail–

gloating and showing off, as they boastfully prevail.

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