Take A Look

So many opinions,

so little time,

to see the individuality–

what is yours,

what is mine.

Streamline the masses–

tell them they’re wrong

when the speak a different language

or sing a different song.

Opinions are not optional

to the one who’s talking down

in a condescending manner

to the one who stands their ground.

The proud man walks ahead and waits

for the next to pass him by

so he may judge them with his wit

and watch them as they try

to hold their head above the water,

and as they desperately wade and tread

the proud man laughs at their efforts

and chuckles at what they’ve said.

He is the king of his own village;

a place that consists of only two.

Himself and only him–

no room for me or you.

He is the opitome of perfection,

and it you dare question him at all

you may not feel that you’re welcomed

as he corrects you with his law.

Rest assured and take comfort–

God knows you really try

to be more than what the idiot says you are.

Do not believe the distressing lie.

Little man can’t fix himself,

so he makes the other one feel bad

about the little hurts within them

and the realities that make them sad.

Tone and wording is not his forte,

and even if it was,

his heart is full of pride and envy–

he’s blind to the damage that it does.

Turn away from such men,

and pray that they will see

that a bitter heart has no value

and their voice of contempt is key

to make others feel worse than before.

Fragility is threatened, and willfully, they do turn

to another plan of action–

one to soothe the nasty burn

caused by the proud man and his ignorance…

…we all fall short of best.

The crippled one is devistated

and the words they hear suggest

that they are nothing more than lesser than;

they have failed at all they’ve done….

Good job you prideful man!

I hope you’ve had your fun!

The vulnerable now lie in the dirt,

and the damages are done.

The sad one is now dead,

and the family wonders how it could be?

The note beside them had only read,

“I was blind, but now I see.”

A broken heart is never mended

by a demand or fault to find.

Look at love and ask yourself,

‘Is your way how it’s defined?’

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