Choose This Day…

The time is now to accept what is true

but to not stay there if it is harming you

Time is not promised and the days are only so long

Take the time within this day to recognize what is wrong

How to know what is right is evaluating what is real

the things that are your true essence are not the emotions that you feel

You are a spirit in a body and the focus should be on Christ

He is the model we should focus on and His guidance is precise

Trusting your way alone is not working in the end

You fumble and you fake it until the heart is filled with sin

Life is so unstable and so are we as well out here

running on emotions and mostly that of fear

You tune to temporary pleasure and cry when it is gone

You float around the universe with no sense of right or wrong

But God is waiting for your weakness and He never turns His back

on the child that He created because He knows the simple fact

You are dead in your trespasses but if you turn to Him

He will cleanse you of that struggle and help you with that sin

He’ll show you that you’re loved and never fighting alone

So choose Him on this day so the seeds of His ways may be sown

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