The Accused

A fear that is always constant

as they read the pages of old.

The God of wrath and anger.

The believer loves to scold.


They see how God destroyed

and despised the child He’d made

as they carried on rebelling–

following the course the serpent laid.


They tell others to obey,

not seeing how they fall short

in the exact same manner as the accused…

Ah, the embellishing retort!


I am not worthy of His presence

because of my lack of something noticed.

I have lost my chance at heaven…??

My brother, you should change your focus.


Your finger-pointing ways

are wasted energy.

Your justified thumping of His Word

has blinded how He sees.


Jesus is the sacrifice

the Old Covenant ushered in.

He is the One who washed me clean

of all this nasty, fleshy sin.


When you point the finger,

just remember the other three

that at are pointing back at you…

You have things that you should be.


Maybe you should realize

that none of us are pure.

All of us are plagued by sin,

but the Lord has sent the cure.


The final sacrifice is the Lamb of God

whose blood was shed that day.

It didn’t happen twice, you know,

so why do you try to pay?


If we could pay enough to God for being flawed,

then why did He come to die?

Why did He say the work, “is finished”?

Was that a blatant lie?


Some blend the Old with the New

and tell the world they’ll burn.

The foolish listen to the false

and never really learn.


Christ is waiting for the inner-heart

of everyone to see

that a relationship of love with Him

is truly what is key.


He longs to see no one perish;

caught in their snares of sin.

He wants us all to rest assured

that we are one with Him.


For God so loved this awful world

that He gave His only son.

Throughout my Bible, I only see

how victory in Him is won.


Do not fear God, but show respect

by loving Him each day.

There’s nothing more that you can do–

no price that you can pay.


Make a habit of seeking His heart

and not that of your own wrath.

Maybe then you’ll see His glory,

and not your glorified path.












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