5 thoughts on “Are Church Denominations Sacred or Sinful?

  1. The partitioning of theology is a natural byproduct of human and spiritual evolution. We are at the precipice of another great shift, or tipping point, within the Christian tradition. And from this shift, the faith will be One.


  2. Excellent production quality. I pastor a Baptist church, but I’m a Christian, first. However, I must work within the contexts I’ve been sent and teach unity within the Body. I wouldn’t get too far telling a 235-year-old congregation to drop their label, but I can make sure we are encouraging the Church in our community, Baptist or not.

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  3. Damon, you break my heart. Seriously. You seem to be a really sharp guy. You seem to want to pursue a real relationship with the Lord. However, there’s evidently a chip on your shoulder I knocked off. I’m sorry the context of the work to which God has sent me is so offensive that it bars us from cordial conversation.


  4. “a chip on your shoulder I knocked off”..?
    Sir, please don’t assume anymore. You don’t know the facts of what scripture says about the division denominations cause. Or perhaps you don’t want to know? That would cause you to have to change many things, right? If you are a pastor, speak the truth!


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