Soapbox Sabotage

Why do His children fool themselves

by believing the obvious lies?

Pulling wool over their own faces;

blinding prideful eyes.

Point to Scripture — and if they don’t like — they talk and talk some more.

They talk around the sin at hand,

while tiptoeing for the door.

If in error, or if doctrine corrected,

the proud man makes excuse.

If you back it up with facts,

he claims you as obtuse!

I had a disagreement with a lad

and he calls himself, “the called”.

He flexed his seminary education

but neglected what I found flawed.

He tried to turn me into his opinion

because I had hurt him so.

I said his voice had a legalistic ring to it,

and he couldn’t let it go.

I sensed the fight within himself —

insecure…but aren’t we all?

I said some things that damaged him,

and while questioning his flaw,

he assumed I was a hateful man.

My intention was for him to see

that we are free from the bondage he is under

when Christ died for I and he.

He struggles with the legalities

and the sect that he upholds.

I pointed out some Scripture to him,

and now his fear unfolds.

He battered me with, “I’m not graceful —

I’m not loving”, and I make him sad.

He read my words and ran with them,

and tried to make me mad.

I stepped away and stood my ground,

for I know what Scripture declares.

He lies to himself throughout the day…

I wonder if he cares?

If you find a brother or sister in error,

back it up with fact.

Don’t be afraid to correct someone,

but always do with tact.

I wasted my precious energy

on a pastor who is so proud.

I doubt he heard my voice over his,

for his is boastfully loud.

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