He Sat Alone

I couldn’t drag the man away…

from himself.

From himself — long enough for him to take a look.

To take a look…

to peer into the man that others see.

The arrogant, self-centered and proud man. The man surrounded by trophies and awards. The man of importance.

He wouldn’t step aside.

He wouldn’t come over to the table where my friend and I were having a meal with the lesser man, simply because he could possibly be seen with someone below him.

Below his prestige.

I couldn’t drag him away from himself…

long enough for him to see the road he was leading the people to. A road paved with prosperity and the same pompous ignorance he was justifying…

stemming from hurts of his past.

Hurts not wanted. Hurts that would be acknowledged and recognized, if he were to step away.

He didn’t come over to see what we saw. He didn’t want to. He couldn’t face the reality.

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