Sunday Service

A woman asked if I would help her

with a tire that had lost its air

She didn’t know how to inflate it

So I showed her and eased her despair

She paid me quite generously

I was reluctant to take the money from her

She thanked me and insisted

that a reward was what I deserved



I sat with her and conversed

We spoke of higher things

My mother and I talked of love

the peace and joy that it brings

I helped her with a stubborn tree

that hung too low nearby

I rearranged some furniture

and swept the floors inside



I rode my bike for my health

in the city where I once lived

When I had finished a woman appeared

and asked if I would give

her a lift to the north side of town

I trusted she was not a threat

I found out she was homeless

and she had a few regrets

I took her to her requested point

and before she went on her way

I gave her the money the woman had left me

and some water after hearing her say

she was very dehydrated from drinking

and she was wondering where she would go

after leaving the plasma center

where I took her to earn her dough



I went for a cup of coffee

before heading back to my town

As I approached the drive-thru window

A friendly man had come around

He was smiling and glowing brightly

I mentioned his attitude

I complimented his upbeat persona

He said he was always in a good mood

We introduced ourselves and I listened

to his story of his success

from homeless to a tradesman

and the coffee job that paid less

He told me about the brother

he went back home to see

before he died of cancer

and then he looked at me

and told me that’s why he is a happy man

because he learned a lot from that time

when his brother passed on and left him

and why he should always be kind

because life is too short and it’s valuable

I was inspired by his progress

I told him about my similar view on life

and the same joy that I possess

Ed is a very cool guy

and I’ll probably see him again

I really like the coffee

and I found a healthy friend



Driving past the steeples

I looked back upon my day

It was Sunday and many go there

But I go the other way

I had church outside those temples

those structures made of stone

The church I had was awesome

and in it I have grown

Being the church is the Gospel

and love is the message taught

I used to think it was a Sunday service

and the religious way I thought

but yesterday was a reminder

of what God wants His children to see

To love our neighbors as ourselves

and to be the church He leads




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