Faithful To The Fire

You place yourself higher than others,

by explaining it all.

The man with the answers.

How great thou art… without any flaw.

It must be the best life

to know you are best.

To walk among the sheep,

and to quickly attest

that Christianity is ignorance

and faith is a delusion.

Should we abandon our God

and assume your godly conclusion?

Please explain this life,

and do hurry it along!

It shouldn’t take you much time

to explain how we’re wrong!

For you, small-minded man

within this infinite space,

claim to know all secrets

as you laugh in my face?

You mock my belief

that all was created.

Why do you care so much?

Why so elated?

You spend a lot of time

on disproving that voice

speaking in all of us,

but, that is your choice.

It really hurts me to see

that you won’t acknowledge sin.

You will one day regret that, my friend,

when bowing to Him.

But, me — I’m just a “troll”,

because you say it’s true.

You’re a good example

of the one with no clue

of what you are doing

to the world and your soul.

Believe what you like,

and keep thinking you know

all the answers your mind constructs.

Worship yourself.

Is it a necessity for you to taunt

because of beliefs that are held?

As for me and my house,

we will worship the Lord.

If you don’t believe in Him,

then why the discord?

You fret and you strike

at any given chance.

You spend you whole life

in your atheistic stance.

Not proving anything,

but your thoughts of no heaven or hell.

So why point my faith out

when you have faith as well?

You choose to not believe —

still making a choice —

then belittle the faithful

for sharing their voice?

You seem like a fool —

much more than a man —

who claims he knows much more

than most understand.

I know this means nothing

so go ahead and say

what you can’t resist speaking

when you hear about faith.

22 thoughts on “Faithful To The Fire

  1. ”Please explain this life,
    and do hurry it along!
    It shouldn’t take you much time”. There are a hundred disciplines that explain every phenomenon of religion and can reproduce the spiritual experience in the lab, even with lies and deception. The real god seems to be the hormone. Any belief or daydreamy imagination that can dispense a little serotonin, dopamine, or oxytocin becomes an inner truth. If you find an actual truth, it would be true to the believer and non believer alike. The other critical hormone to belief is norepinephrine. When belief is challenged norepinephrine is released in the brain and its fight or flight properties. After submission and repetition the neural hardwiring is complete, and the ability to handwave blatant contradiction becomes automatic. It is hard to argue reason vs a persons neurological physiology.

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  2. So, Jim, I’m just curious…
    Where do you believe these neurotransmitters, or the hormones, or the complicated processes within our brains and bodies came from? It seems very unlikely that all of it just happened to show up one day from stardust that just happened to come together. I’m just curious to know why you seem to think a divine creator has nothing to do with such unbelievably detailed and intricate marvels that no human could ever create. What’s your theory?

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  3. Great question Damon. First of all I’d like to thank you for civility then preface this. These are ideas, some of them I like and some I don’t, that is the nature of my blog and how I learn, but I really don’t believe anything about any of it. Here I AM. None of that changes what is.
    Belief is the hurdle of humanity but we think it’s the cure—And that’s funny.
    First of all there was never nothing. It’s been a wild ride and a lot of changes in the composure of the universe from time to time, but I don’t think anything that is, can ever not be, nor could not have ever been. Neither you nor I for that matter. I can’t answer exactly how it is all done yet, although I’ve had glimpses of the game, just as you can’t answer how god created everything, but I don’t think the answer is as difficult as we’ve made it. There are clues that this has been going on for a long long time. And as you cannot imagine death nor before you were born, you can’t imagine what its like to be alive, or even define yourself as “I” in the sense of muscular strain. That is not who we are. We are not what we typically think we are. Who are you exactly in your own words? Who am I for that matter?
    I hate to divulge the secret in too much depth, because without the proper preparation it is oft misinterpreted as urgent. Others before us that had the experience have also misinterpreted it because of regional, cultural bias. You yourself and I before you were guided to have a particular experience so we did. It is now calculated and prepackaged in a half dozen flavors, but really is different interpretations of us.
    Muhammad had the experience alone in the cave. Jesus and his rite of passage in the desert (or during the missing 17 years) alone realized it, and other founders have also had the experience and misinterpreted it. Joseph Smith, Ellen White, Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite, all in varying degrees has this glimpse and understood I AM. But it isn’t just them that are entitled to be it. They have to extend that courtesy to all because we are all it.
    For Muhammad and Jesus they both became the last and final word, basing their perception on a violent Hebrew culture god of the monarchial boss, Jehovah at the helm. “No one comes to the father but through me”? Had Jesus been a Hindu through and through he would understand his experience in a different light and shared the power, but he was in the end a slave to his predisposition. Entering a phase of enlightenment then thought he was the only one. Just as Mo and others since then and many before. Let’s call it the Jehovah effect just for now. But it’s all us.
    What they saw in their meditative state was simply the way things are and have always been. I AM that I AM is the whole of collective consciousness. We are all it in differing views.
    You can’t identify it nor separate yourself from it. We are so fundamentally the entity we seek we would never know it or get ahold of it. We are infinite but we are unable to identify it so we come up with ego to try and make sense of self, but ego is an illusion. We are all parts the same thing.
    Imagine for a moment you are an infinite being. This is a little easier than the opposite. What could an eternal being, amalgamated in the cosmos surrounded and permeated by all knowledge and intelligence possibly do to relieve the boredom of eternal life? For 600trillion eons and forever we have and know everything, but what is one thing we could do to create an excitement and entertain ourselves to relieve the boredom? By entering into a realm of not knowing. I suppose when we die , no matter how much misery we’ve endured here, we will pop back into our normal existence and Bam! What a rush and burst of laughter! The game gets us every time.
    BTW, IMO this also solves the problem of evil, which is really a problem of good.
    This is why the truly enlightened don’t rush out and try to save the world. The experience is the game and we are collectively it, the whole universe is so fundamentally us you couldn’t see it if you wanted to.
    Life is in between death. The experience, bookended by to unknown voids for a brief little time is the only excitement in a universe that is I AM.

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  4. Thank you. One thing I hear often is atheism has no meaning. I say I’m an atheist because of the default definitions. But what could be more interesting in the entire universe then not knowing?


  5. I lean on faith in Christ because I have a VERY different understanding of “I AM”. Your words are a pretty typical response I have often received from others who reject Christ. Our choices — our worlds. ✌️


  6. But see, you have attached yourself to something you cannot know nor provide any evidence for, and it’s very alluring. It backs my point. I think this is a very interesting discussion. But it seems to end on faith and that is part of the problem. Faith kills discovery. There is much more to learn then the prepackaged dogmas can provide. I could say the same about you. Typical, But I appreciate your viewpoint it is much easier that way


  7. No, Jim, like you, I could easily say the same; have the same views (and I have in the past), but I choose simple faith. It is very comforting the bear the fruits of His Spirit and the believe that I will live in a greater world than this one someday. I embrace love and simplicity, peace and joy, and frankly, I have seen and lived out something contradictory to what I see in the love of God. Call it what you will, but that is the choice I’ve made. It works.

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  8. That would be closer to the definition of typical. 2.4 billion people addressing life out of a cookie-cutter dogma is the epitome of typical. I have shared my own observations and I hold nothing back. It is anything but typical to chart your own course and find your own way. With all due respect.

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  9. That’s fair. What I do mean is it is typical to hear the reasoning to not have faith. I get it. No one in their “right mind” would say that Jesus, or God with no hard-copied evidence, is /was real. I see evidence everyday. That’s all in my blog. Hey, to each their own.

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  10. If we cling to belief in god and it’s associated idolatry we cannot likewise have faith, since faith is not clinging but letting go.
    Atheism is profoundly a religious attitude of letting go. I know it’s a little play on word definition but it holds a fair amount of truth.


  11. Faith is letting go of pride (Genesis) and following the Lord; accepting the sacrifice Jesus has made for sin. You probably know this. I believe this — it’s my free will choice. Again, I could reject it, or simply believe the things I cannot fully comprehend. If I were like the atheist, my head would spin with discontent and the need to be correct for all of my days. I enjoy this beautiful life and value all it has to offer. I don’t allow time — if I can help it- for fits of pique and an endless need to be right.

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  12. Or maybe things aren’t what they seem, even after they seem like it. Haha. I’ve done quite a few posts on pride, and what’s funny with the wordplay of Christianity, shunning pride and having faith, which is the ultimate display of stubborn pride. Digging in ones heels in spite of every other explanation. It’s a neat trick to honor what man can’t help but do. Like it is said, “the natural man is an enemy to god”, But really, the natural man is the believer. Everyone clings to belief for whatever reason, but religion gives brownie points for men doing what few can help but do. It’s really quite amazing.


  13. That’s fine. Faith is pride. It gives people the right to battle over belief and condemn certain men because of genetics. Belief really is the biggest hurdle facing humanity.


  14. A very powerful message
    for those that don’t believe
    what’s faith and what’s God
    they can’t accept or conceive
    our comprehension is finite
    but they have been deceived
    it is quite sad for us to know
    they will have a lot of grieve
    when he comes once again
    but this time silent as a thieve.

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