Psalm 73:26

When you are blessed,

the world seems at ease,

and when you are not,

the stressors increase.

Wonderful life

when things are okay,

but a punch in the gut

begins slow decay.

Count all your blessings…

SHUT UP! You’re not me!

The neighbor you love

is blind and can’t see

how the pain is now growing

inward — and quick.

They offer a suggestion,

but the hurt makes you sick.

It robs all hope,

as the light leaves the room.

The fear casts its shadow

on the hope that’s consumed

by its menacing obscurity.

You fear death is so near.

This place is too much………….

The voice you now hear

is speaking the worst

in your badgered ear.


Grabbing your pills

and the lighter that crushes.

Filling the spoon

and the needle that rushes

the pleasure to the body.

At last…………… more pain.

All it took was a few bucks

and a collapsing vein.

Floating on air…

…   for a little while    …

No thought of the fear,

just couch lock, and a smile.

Waking up to reality,

fear is right there, again.

It is your confidant.

It is your friend.

It sits by you, patiently.

It waits by your side.

You can’t run away —

it finds where you hide.


Running in the direction

of the way that dead-ends

is a constant reminder (to some)

of the wages of our sins.

There is an easiness that some find

in the arms of His Way,

and it’s not in the buildings

or the preachers some pay.

No, it’s right there inside of you.

His Spirit; the Paraclete.

The only true power

no one can defeat.

God made The Way

to trample the fear,

but we have to choose 

to keep Him near.

The further we run

with fear and the blows,

the more the decay

and the helplessness grows.

So, what’s it gonna be:

the fear and your fall,

or will you willingly run

to the One who mends all?


There’s no other choice — here —

in this world that we live.

We either choose fear

or we choose to live

in the comforts of Christ;

“The way, truth and life”.

Is it comfortable there

in your personal strife?















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