God knows the heart of all,

unlike the men

who look down from the platform

and quickly judge them.


Not many should be leaders

in the churches of the day,

for not many speak the truth…

Do you watch what they say?

They place themselves higher

with their knowledge and wins,

while never acknowledging

that we all have our sins.


Why should we follow

the ones who are hurt

by something within them,

while they shout out and blurt

from a place at the center

of a stage in the light,

where they feel good about themselves;

where their wrongs are made right?


Belittling the audience

and patronizing the sheep

causes the vulnerable to wither

and the saddened to weep.

The widow came to the church

to find comfort from mourning,

but she now finds solitude

after the tirade Sunday morning.


All have fallen short,

even the man at the stage.

So why does he claim

to be on a different page?

Why does he lift himself higher

than you and me?

Why does he have a sense of self-regard

and eyes that can’t see?


God is the judge,

and Christ is the Way.

We don’t have to be sad

when we hear what men say.

We just have to embrace

His Spirit within,

and believe that He died (once and for all)

for all of our sin.

When we rejoice in His truth

we find comfort and joy,

but if the heart is now broken

— by words that destroy —

run far from the abusers

and straight into His arms.

His love is the comfort

from all of these harms.

Harmful men and their message

of how we all need a beating

before we can stand flawless

before the Lord’s Holy seating

are turning people away

from the hope that Christ provides.

They manipulate and twist

the truth with their lies.


I pray you find refuge

in His truth and His Word

and realize that many of our churches

are deceiving and absurd.

Seek out HIS truth

so you can discern.

So you’ll follow Christ —

not what men have you learn.


There’s a disease in The Body,

and it’s built on the greed

of the passion of self

and the craftiness men weave.

Keep a close eye on your Bible,

and less on the man who leads,

because one is the truth

and the other deceives.










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