Looking Up

I’m not convinced that sharing our every thought is a good thing. We are bombarded by so much social interaction, and it is right there, in our faces, twenty-four hours a day. The news feeds, social media sites, WordPress — all of these platforms where people are giving their personal voice to the public.

So, what does all of this feed us?

I know what it does to me, and so I thought I would take a few minutes to share my thoughts.

I have really been trying not to read (or watch) so much of the world and local news, interact within the social media sites and read the endless posts that pertain to Christianity here at WordPress. Honestly, all of these things really take my focus away from the things that Holy Spirit is trying to teach me, and they really fill me with the things of the world that I, at a time not long ago, really enjoyed not being a part of. All of these things mentioned take my focus away from the things that truly matter: My family, my relationship with God, my personal demons that I desire to work on, and the ongoing peace that I want to keep near. There are so many experiences that I have been having within the average sixteen-hour day of being awake that has opened my eyes to what I have been missing out on. There are so many things that I am finding that are not viewed through a backlit screen of some sort, that define the realities of my life. The richness of the life I have been blessed with is really found within the moments with others — just as they were before all of these crazy, instant gratification devices took over. Also, another thing that is continuously bothering me is all of these self-proclaimed “teachers” who started teaching the world a million different versions of Christianity. Which denomination are you following?

Take your pick, from the thousands!

Which sect do you claim is, “correct”? In my Bible, there is only one way, and His name is Jesus! So, I’m fed up with divisions in His Body of children. I’m tired of reading everyone’s definition of the way men should be “doing Christianity”, and I’m completely done with arguing along with all of them.

This morning, after waking to the blessing of life, I am just thankful to be able to breathe in the air, go to work in the land of the free to provide for my family, and see the beauty of His splendor all around. I love to interact with people who matter, and care, and love, and really bring out the best of me. I’ve had a pretty deficient life throughout my forty-plus years here, and I’m just done with what I see as, needless drama.

So, as I had asked, what does the constant news feed, feed you?

I pray this morning that all of us take the time to take a look at our lives and really hone in on what matters. Are there things that take your focus off of those things that matter? Is your life a device?

10 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. I agree, there is a balance that needs to be maintained and most times the Holy Spirit lets you know when to back off. Hugs and giving attention to others is also critical and of course prayer and thanksgiving. I like the tone of your heart. Blessings.

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  2. I maintain a balance between my attention on social media and being present in the moment with whatever is arising.

    I have refined my “news feed” in such a way that everything I come across has been filtered to represent that which motivates and inspires.

    Social media is a tool and it is up to us how it shall be used.

    On your point about the ‘thousands of different divisions of Christianity”, one of the foundational causes to these divisions is the bible and tradition being perceived and practiced from varying altitudes of consciousness and various stages of development.

    We are moving towards a “reunification” of the religion that is returning to its roots in Nonduality and mysticism. Very exciting.

    I have some posts on my blog which talk about this.


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  3. Think of mind or consciousness like a 4 storey building. Each floor represents a different altitude; where a more expansive and inclusive view can be had. Ad we mature and grow, we ascend to higher altitudes of consciousness which means we can become conscious of a more expansive and inclusive perspective.


  4. I can assure you it’s not. Embrace the idea that there might be something you dont know, the knowing of which can change everything.

    Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Emergent Christianity, Conscious Evolution.


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