Falling Away

What is it that you find

when you observe what you have today?

Are the things that you’ve created in the past

the pillars of the answer you will convey?


Do you hold onto the past mistakes

that hinder what you could be?

Are those pillars of self-worth and confidence

crumbling slowly into the sea?


Are the pillars made of discontent

that you’ve gathered from what impedes?

Do you allow emotion to control your life

and follow the savage who leads?


Leaning on the last few pillars that stand —

holding up what’s left of you.

No solution has crossed your mind;

crumble is all you do.

You cry out to God for an answer,

but faith is not your intent.

You need an answer right away

and your energy is spent.

You don’t believe He is in control…

at least, you don’t believe.

You’ve suffered all of this time

and now the consequence is retrieved.

You walked away from faith, long ago,

before the pillars began to fall.

Now, your actions have the consequence

and you cannot take it all.

You had a choice to make back then,

and you have one, here, right now.

You can choose to have that faith again,

and only Christ can show you how.


I ask you a few questions,

and you blame the world for your discord.

You never looked at the choice you made

to reject our Lord.




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