Road’s End

The things that you collect;

the idols you protect;

the shrines that you have built;

the hurts and the guilt;

the money put away;

the things you didn’t say;

the luxuries and gold;

the secrets never told;

the insecurities that you hide;

the humbleness and pride;

the love and hate you had for them;

the battles you could not win…


You cannot take this life with you,

and all the things you say and do

become a memory to someone else,

and after you’ve passed on and left yourself,

the eyes still see what you had done….


Did they see what you had become?


Did you carry many wrongs?

Did you place hate where love belongs?

Did you hoard the material things;

the temporary pleasure they bring?

Did you break bread with only the well-to-do,

or did the oppressed eat, too?

Did you give something that you needed

to the beggar who cried and pleaded?

Did you reach out when another was low?

Did you allow your child to grow?


Did you think about your soul;

where you would end up when time to go?


No matter what you do,

you cannot take this life with you,

but everything that’s done

manifests in what’s to come.

Those choices that you make:

whether you give or take,

or whether you live a life of sin,

or choose to walk with Him,

or whether you choose the world or not —

the way you walk will say a lot.


I’m asking you today,

‘After you’re gone, what will they say?’
















3 thoughts on “Road’s End

  1. I guess people will give us a final life rating won’t they. On a scale of 1-10 I would love to say I’d be a 10. After all the deductions I deserve a zero. Then there’s God’s rating coming. That’s a zero, but after factoring in Grace from Jesus…10 totally undeserved and all hell starts booing.

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  2. apart from Him we are nothing…dang entry errors…
    The poem is about the things we leave here for others to see. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees. In Him, we grow in the greatest of direction. Blessings to you and your family, Gary.

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