Bring It To The Storehouse

Watch out for the polished preacher

The one with the salesman smile

He is keen and knows Scripture

and will make it worth while

to get you inside his palace

He’ll promise to shepherd you in truth

But he will add to his scrupulous teaching

a common and accepted spoof

not found anywhere in the Bible

One crafted by men and their pride

A denominational division

and hidden beneath this lie

is leverage to make you a slave

to this exclusive sect of theirs

where the cult is all you think about

and any affair of theirs

Cut off from the true Church

Placing men before the Lord

Taking money from the pocket

of the sheep who can’t afford

to keep the heat on in winter

and when Sunday comes

Ol preacher says he needs more

while showing total sums

He goes home to his palace

and fuels his fire that warms

with the cash that you freely gave

to the polished man who charms

What a disgraceful way to treat God’s children

robbing them of truth

while the thief stands before them

in the silken tailored suit

What a lie the church is today

What a joke the message is

What a price you’ll someday pay prideful man

distorting what is His

2 thoughts on “Bring It To The Storehouse

  1. This is so true in many churches today. It is more about the person, the programs, the right doctrine. It is about getting more people in to build a bigger building. Then increase the offering to pay the mortgage, the salaries, the expenses. When did church become such a large business with its CEO and board of directors? This is certainly not what God meant when he said he would build his church. His Church is not a building nor a place. It is the people. People who love God and love one another. It is those who show the love of God daily to everyone. It is those who encourage and build one another up while showing the love of God to all they meet. So glad there are those who are Done with Religion, those who are living for God daily outside the walls of institutional christianity.

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