No Addition

If we realized that we are forgiven

through the Christ who did die for all,

we would begin to see our need for Him…

Are we still condemned sincethe fall“?

I have a problem with those

who say we must obey

in order to be redeemed;

in order to be able to say

that we are HOLY in the eye of God.

As if we are worthy to claim

that our works somehow add to this redemption.

As if we are one in the same.

Why would God send His only Son

to DIE for every sin

that we would EVER commit,

if we were able to be enough for Him?

If we were able to be loving enough,

or if our works could be of gain,

then His death was not needed!

Then His death was certainly in vain!

Is this what you believe,

that His death was not enough?

I suppose that you are more than I, then…

I guess you are a diamond in the rough.

Claiming that my God did not do it right

when He died for everything we lack

is a shameful way to view His way

of bringing us back

to a perfect standing before a perfect God

who never desired for us to eat

of the fruit that was forbidden,

back when we were complete.

He desires for us to serve in reverence

and to praise Him for the way

through Christ who died for all, only once,

so we’ll look forward to the day

when we will be complete again.

In His heaven, we can rest.

In Christ, we are allowed to find forgiveness

to all this earthly mess.

2 thoughts on “No Addition

  1. Sometimes I think we all start out with tons of baggage when coming to Christ. Our baggage sure looks different than the others. Then I suppose it’s easy to justify “My” baggage and put down all the others. I think I may have forgotten where some of my storage sheds of baggage are stashed. Meanwhile.. Forgiveness is so pure. Good one!

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