Where Are You?

You look towards the heavens for an answer…


You pray for the healing miracle…


You ask for forgiveness for being a liar, and patiently wait for those to forgive you…


You ask God for a sign, just a little something to show that He is there…


You lose your faith because of the nothings.

You looked towards the heavens and expected a clear and definite answer, but you had clues that passed right by your doubtful eyes…


You prayed for the healing miracle, but neglected to see that God’s ways are not yours. It was time for her to go…


You asked for forgiveness for being the liar, waiting for the one who was worn out from hearing the damaging stories to go give you one last chance, but you didn’t see that people are not as forgiving as you’d like…


You asked God for the sign, and He gave it. You had many all along.

It was in the miracle of your perfect newborn child, the beautiful night skies, the love that you used to embrace, each breath you take, and the faith that used to keep you upright…

That was something.

Now, you live in a place that is full of nothings, because you really think that you and your demanding ways…

are something.

Your faith that was once something is now nothing, because you demanded to be more than the God who showed you…


You now see nothing.

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