Through The Thorn

I find myself walking away,

pretty often these days,

from the madness others create

in my personal malaise.

Sometimes, the ways of others

pulls me down to a familiar land.

A place where I once walked

in ways I can no longer stand.

They call me to come along with them;

to embark in ways of old.

They say, “for old times’ sake,”

but misery soon unfolds.

I left those places for a reason,

and the reason is because

they were destructive to my soul;

they were a time that never was.

They were tasted, then spit out.

The bitterness was the same

as the days lived when I was young,

full of anxieties and pain.


I walked away from the old ways,

and with the Lord, I strive

to keep the past in the past,

even if it means that I

must walk away from the destruction

that people are caught up in.

Even if it involves keeping old friends

in the mirror, to see them.


I step with caution and poise,

because I know what I don’t want.

I know what I don’t need.

So, within my personal jaunt

I will journey with the trusted

and the beloved, who’ve shown me true,

how much they truly care

for the man whom may not trust you.
















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