A Word Or Two

I don’t write for likes,

and I don’t look for praise.

I do not hope for popularity,

but recognition does amaze.

It stimulates the emotions.

It causes me to dig

deep into my psyche

and put to word what I have lived.

It provides for me a drive

to share what I have known.

All the ways I have fallen short,

as well as how I’ve grown.

I send these words around the world

for others to embrace,

with the hope that they will see

the struggles we all face.

I write so others will know

the hope I find in Christ.

I write so they may also know

and understand His sacrifice.

I pray that all will see His glory

far above our own.

I hope to provide a glimpse of hope —

through the strength in Him, alone —

when I write about the victory

I’ve found along my road.

I give the world a glimpse

of how I see my days.

I give the world a few words

to describe my personal ways.

Not to exalt myself,

but so everyone can see

that I am much like you,

and you are much like me.

I give the world a poem

to help them dig inside

themselves to find the answer

to the problems they may hide.

I give the people everywhere,

while I sit in my little spot,

a word or two to ponder

for a moment in their thought.

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