Stay Inside

The chilling wind carrying rains of darkness,

beating upon the world.

It brings the memories of mornings, without;

a time when life was much like the calamity outside —

no light for sight. No cover for the damp. No insulate for the chilling condition.

What if the day brings promising light with the same calamities?

Like those days of old.


Ambient radiance?


Just shimmering darkness, with the same black void, dampened covers and feverish chills.

It could come.

There was a time when all was lost, but then all became well.

That time is now.

We are illuminating. We are covered. We are warm.

But, it could come. Oh yes, it could come again, confident one.


Rember that darkness. Keep it tucked away and remembered.

Keep it in a safe place.

Remember the things that did not keep the light, cover and comforting warmth

inside you.



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