Is it too much to ask

when I say to you today

to leave me for a while

so I can see another way?


Is it too much to handle

when you see that I sit still

not saying anything

after the normally humorous thrill?


Is it too much to see

that my emotion is the place

where I am currently residing

sorting through this life I personally face?


Is it too much to accept

that I am human and I face

the part of me that crumbles

to the pile that I embrace?


Is it too much to know

that I am bruised from the life I’ve known

and the vessel that holds my character

is marred with things that weren’t my own?


I am not your head

and you are not mine

so leave me be for a moment

I just need a little time.

5 thoughts on “Gather

  1. Having time alone
    is something needed
    a time to recharge
    should be conceded.

    Others need to know
    that you are okay
    you need to reflect
    be somewhat away
    is something usual
    works to clear a way.

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